Since the shock absorber has a direct influence on vehicle's security and with this on security in traffic, in selection of technology production we decided to use tested technology distinguished by elegant solutions which are relatively easily usable in production practice. Constructional and technological solutions which we use are developed through long-standing experience, improved in cooperation with others, world's recognized producersof shock absorbers and what is most important they proved to be more successful in practice.
1.Products projecting is executed by using own long-standing experiences and world's achievement in this field.
2.Production of parts is executed on equipment adapted to satisfy demands for quality prescribed by constructive documentation.

3.Subconnection forming is executed by electrical arc welding in protecting atmosphere Ar-CO2.
4.At inlet, in process of production and on completed products constant quality controls are executed.

5.The assembly of shock absorbers is done on particular lines, exit-last control is 100% and is settled at special electronic appliance.